Friend Number Three now in Spanish and Chinese!

This is very exciting! In addition to Russian, you can now read Friend Number Three in Spanish (thanks to user Bubbles of Colors) and Chinese (thanks Sue)! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this means that more than 50% of the world is now able to read this story. It has also gone as far as it can around the globe from its place of origin (the Midwestern US) before it starts returning. Fan TASTIC!

Live from Russia!

Do you speak Russian? Alas, I do not, but dar_se_cuenta does, and she has generously offered to translate Friend Number Three. She's already started, but that story is way long, so I'm not sure when she'll be finished.

If you don't speak Russian but DO speak Slovak, you can also read a few of my fics translated by Jimmi.

What if you don't speak Russian or Slovak, but you do speak a totally different language (and you enjoy translating fics)? It makes me positively giddy when people want to translate my stories, so please don't hesitate to ask. But make sure you tell me if you do, so that I can go to the page and stare at my words in unfamiliar characters and smile to myself about the amazing world-shrinking connections that are possible these days.

FN3 Illustration

Hi guys! So, you may have already noticed that I updated Friend Number Three (, H&V). Exciting! Except it's not finished yet, because the final chapter was approaching 10k, and that's a little long for my taste. However, while you are enjoying the first part of the frustratingly TBC finale, view this lovely art! I made it a while ago and forgot to post it on my own journal. (click for big)

(They're ranked in chronological order, in case you were wondering.)

Music for my stories

(This post has existed before now, but I bumped it after editing. New songs have been added to BYOD)

Just a little something for your listening pleasure as you read.  Some of these songs inspired me to write parts of the stories or informed the way I wrote them, and others I just think tie in nicely.  They are mostly grouped in order of relevance to the plot of the story.

All links are to YouTube and will open in a new window.

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Friend Number Three

Ah, Friend Number Three.  This story, it will not end, and people keep asking me when it's going to.  I think I subconsciously don't want to finish it or something, but that's neither here nor there.  It was my first fanfic story, and I've been working on it steadily for just over a year.  I suppose since I had a full seven chapters of build-up before anything actually happened, I get at least seven chapters of pure denouement.  I hope people don't get bored, since I think there will be three more.  Maybe I can crunch it down to two, but who knows?  It's a character-driven dramedy - the plot's just gravy.

I'm working on chapter twenty-four right now, and chapter nine of BOYD, and writing backwards from the end on my next story after that.  I'm also about to start school again on the first, so who knows how much I can finish.

This week in Friend Number Three

So, a lot of people have been asking me for a long time if Friend Number Three will ever get an update, and I have even better news than last time: chapter 23 is posted!

I've just finished going through all 22 of the existing chapters (!), cleaning up the prose and editing and generally tightening up the plot.  There aren't any huge changes, but there's a mountain of smaller ones.  If you're following this story, you might want to at least skim the updated chapters 19-22 before you move forward.

New One-shot: Dream Machine

Title: Dream Machine
Rating: PG
Status: Complete (6,613 words)
Genre: romance, drama, starts darker and gets lighter
Pairings: D/Hr, R/P, background H/G (as always)
Summary: A post-war look at forgiveness and punishment and Getting Over It, structured like a drabble series.

The former blood purity sympathizers are subjected to a magical machine that induces guilt in large doses. Hermione thinks it's torture, but sometimes the ends justify the means.

A/N: Ron/Pansy is my favorite side pairing for DMHG of all time!  It's like my OTSP.  Unless you count H/G, which I don't - as much as I love both Harry and Ginny as characters to write, their relationship always feels like background noise in my fics.
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New story - Bring Out Your Dead

Title: Bring Out Your Dead
Rating: T for mild language and dark/frightening situations
Genre: dark humor, supernatural horror, action/adventure, and eventually some romance
Summary: Games last a long time when both sides are trying to lose.

A dying Lucius Malfoy set up one last dubiously legal scheme, but his heart kicked out a week too soon. Draco has to keep the death a secret for a week with the help of Marcus and Pansy Flint, but Hermione Granger's keeping watch. Even if she can figure out the plan, she still has to find Lucius's corpse before she can report the death, and Malfoy Manor's not a small place. It isn't safe, either: there are ancient secrets in that house beyond their wildest dreams. The Dark Lord didn't choose it as his Headquarters for nothing, and Draco doesn't know his home as well as he thinks he does.

A/N: I've edited the summary, because this is growing into a different sort of story than I what originally planned to write. There's lots of action and horror to come, and it'll be a fair bit longer than I'd intended. It's unlike anything I've written before, and I hope you like it.